Sue Payton

Award winning wildlife artist Sue Payton creates mesmerising animal portraiture that highlights every detail of texture and expression. To add to their impact, she places each beautiful subject out of context, against a deliberately muted, neutral background in order to highlight the colours and patterns of the fur and the light in the eyes. The outstanding level of detail in each piece brings the animal to life and renders Sue’s work, memorable, immediate and uniquely arresting. Sue is drawn to the larger carnivorous animals, particularly the big cats who she says are often seen as fearsome predators, but do have “a softer side”. It is their intelligence, their protective instincts and of course their grace and beauty that she wants to portray. Having observed and painted them for many years, she has formed a genuine connection born of admiration and affection, but tempered with anxiety concerning their plight.

Sue has won awards for her paintings from both the Association of Animal Artist exhibitions and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.

Her aim is to create images that encourage others to see the importance of these amazing creatures to our planet, and to understand that the ecosystem would be immeasurably poorer without them.

“I hope others will fall in love with these magnificent animals as I have, and find a place for them in their hearts and homes.”