Samantha Ellis

Samantha's fun and funky cityscapes feature intricate designs, vivid colours and a strong sense of energy and movement. Working mainly from a combination of photographic reference and her own vivid imagination, she may create a representation of a real place on occasion, while another image may combine scenes and play around with the composition; she herself describes this process as “letting loose and having fun".


Born in Northampton in 1992, Samantha now lives and works in Cambridgeshire. She has her studio in her home as this is where she feels the most relaxed which is hugely important to her when she paints. She was interested in art from a young age and always had the confidence to do her own thing. After completing an art foundation course, she decided to go it alone and teach herself to paint, and what began as a hobby has quickly developed into a full time occupation.


Young and brimming with inspiration and energy, Samantha has forged a highly individual approach which has grown and changed into a loose, dynamic and recognisable style. Using acrylics gives her the vibrancy that is key to her bolder work. She also chooses a cooler palette at times to give a more detatched feel to the finished image. “I tend to layer the paint on quite thick as I love the texture this produces and I feel it also makes the painting more visually interesting. I love being able to make each building and place look different every time I paint them."