Maya Eventov

Maya's atmospheric forest scenes vibrate with light and colour, and call to mind a stained glass window lit from behind by dazzling sunlight. Her bold, painterly artistic statements are intricately detailed, but when viewed from afar the combination of colours and textures falls into sharp relief and depicts a natural earthy landscape.

Maya's distinctive technique of painting and etching builds up each composition over several weeks she creates a mesmerising vocabulary of texture and nuance.

Russian artist Maya Eventov was born in 1964 and began her formal artistic training in the art schools of Leningrad, but her real artistic education was formed over the many hours she spent at the Hermitage Museum. After attending the Leningrad High College of Art and Design, Maya worked as a designer before setting up her own studio as an independent fine artist.

She emigrated to Canada in 1990 and her work has since been greeted with worldwide acclaim.