Since its launch in 1934, DC Comics has paved the way for the entire industry with its strategies and styles, storylines and superheroes, becoming a major and much-loved part of American and then international popular culture. It has worked with some of the greatest artists in comic book history, from the original creators of Batman and Superman to the brilliant contemporary master of interpretation, Alex Ross, whose multi-award winning illustrations have become highly sought after as standalone works of art.

2020 has been a year of heroes, so we are proud and delighted to present The DC Legends Collection, celebrating the most iconic superheroes of all time - alongside the inevitable villain or two. The impressive line up includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and of course, the Joker, some of the most memorable characters in fiction, comic book or otherwise.

Each dynamic image is available as a framed paper edition of 195, a larger framed box canvas edition of 195 and an exclusive large scale, deluxe framed box canvas edition of only 49 copies, and all are hand signed by the artist.