Alex Mcgarry

Growing up in rural Hampshire has given outstanding young wildlife artist Alex McGarry the perfect situation for observing the animal kingdom in all its variety and wonder. Her first love is British wildlife, as no two animals are ever the same. Even two hares which seem indistinguishable reveal differences of markings and expression when seen close up, and this, she says, makes every painting feel like a first. While she aims for realism and accuracy, her intention is never to create a photographic representation, but rather an artist’s homage, with clearly visible brushstrokes and texture. After an expedition, Alex takes all the material she has gathered back to her studio and works on the basic composition and outline. Then referring closely to her photographs, she creates the finer details and mixes and hones the correct shades. Alex paints exclusively in oils and always has done, loving the creamy consistency of the paint and the depth of colour that can be achieved, then finishes each piece with a gloss varnish.

Alex describes her distinctive style as painterly realism; although her work is traditional in terms of subject and interpretation, the overall style and background establishes them clearly as contemporary pieces.

Alex is the daughter of renowned wildlife artist Pip McGarry, and spent her early life immersed in natural history and painting.

She has won several awards including best in show, chosen by the general public, at Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire from over 200 exhibits, and the Fine Art Trade Guild's national award: Up and Coming Artist of the Year 2019.