Joel Kirk

Born in Dorking in 1948 Joel's artistic talent became apparent at an early age, when his special gift for portraying wildlife won him a number of competitions and junior art awards. After completing a three-year course at Southend School of Art and Design, Joel immediately turned professional and embarked on a career doing what he loves best; observing the natural world and capturing its beauty in oils, pastels and water-colours.
Joel has always considered himself fortunate to be able to pursue his hobby full time. By way of a thank you to the animal kingdom that has brought him much success, he has donated several paintings and much of his profits to various charitable foundations including the Dianne Fossey Foundation, and 
the Royal Society for Animal Protection of which he is an active member and tireless campaigner. He is also kept busy with commissions from wildlife organisations from all over the world.
Joels long and illustrious career as an artist has taken him all over the world to study wildlife in its natural habitat. This research has given him a unique insight into the habits of his subjects allowing him to paint with both accuracy and affection. Although he has experimented successfully with a variety of media, his first love is pastels as these give him the ability to work fast and effectively on location. The consequent velvety texture and subtlety of tones with shadows and highlights bring a unique realism to his portrayals and have earned him a wide and enthusiastic following. 

"Pastels allow me to accomplish great definition, subtlety and shadow. I want people to reach out and feel the fur of the creature.