Gabe Leonard

The Cinematic Artist. Gabe Leonard's paintings take you into a world rich with inimitable atmosphere and narrative intrigue. What tales lie behind these interesting characters? And where will their stories take them?
Gabe Leonard, the world-renowned “Cinematic Artist”, has been producing highly sought after works collected by everyone from college students to Hollywood elites for over 25 years.

Leonard grew up in the prairie of Wyoming catching lizards and snakes. He discovered his love for drawing at an early age and later earned his BA in fine art from Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. He then quit his job, moved to LA, and began his career by selling his artwork on the rough, ultra-competitive boardwalk of Venice Beach, CA.

Since then, Gabe continued to show and develop his talent finding his way from a blanket on the ground in Venice Beach to being collected worldwide through fine art galleries across the US, Canada and UK.

Inspired by European masters and well-known American illustrators, the signature techniques of Gabe Leonard’s oil paintings incorporate expressive runs and drips with figurative and landscape painting traditions. Continuously utilizing experimental approaches, Gabe captures rich moods and atmosphere in a style full of emotion. With the framing of a seasoned Hollywood cinematographer his subjects seem to come alive with dynamic energy, mystery and narrative intrigue.

Drawing on historical themes and cinematic stylings, Gabe’s work can be enjoyed as a complex vision of other worlds open to interpretation while also being enjoyed and understood without explanation. The results are paintings that are as timeless as they are entertaining.

Limited Editions