Clare Sykes

Innovative floral statements

Clare’s striking floral statements are characterised by three major elements - passion, texture and expressive free movement. She allows the paint to flow naturally, then manipulates it to create layers so it can evolve naturally into a final breathtaking image.

The paintings are created using an exciting range of mixed media that generate great depth and vibrancy including inks and oil. She builds up an image which is uniquely animated thanks to her arresting use of impasto, and her distinctive choices of colour render each one highly recognisable.

Clare works in her home studio, always in silence. For her complete serenity is an essential ingredient of the creative process. The world outside may be full of noise and colour, but she prefers to be cocooned in her studio, alone with her emotions, her imagination and her paints.

Despite being based in the studio, her experience in the outside world feeds into her work, in particular, the many years she spent living in the Mediterranean have influenced her use of colour. She describes her work as a part of herself expressed on canvas. “It represents a happy place I have found for myself to share with everyone else. Artwork frees your imagination and mind to fly. It’s shared emotions, it’s the essence of who you are.”

Clare’s work is sold in Australia, South East Asia and the USA, and is now having a significant impact in the UK.