Annie Rodrigue

Expressive abstract dialogues

Annie Rodrigue is first and foremost an instinctive painter. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the landscape, she uses art to express her emotions on canvas and her colourful abstracts are at once poetic, dynamic and spontaneous. She combines shape and colour with words and phrases which surge across the canvas, making each image an experience which is both visual and literary. The words are not designed to be read, but represent secrets and memories for Annie, who called her recent collection “Motus et Bouche Cousue” (my lips are sealed).

Painting has always been Annie’s chosen method of communication, offering her a means of liberating her ideas and sharing them with others. Her beautifully balanced compositions may suggest a meandering river running through a landscape, or perhaps the ghost of a figure gesturing into the distance; for every viewer there is a different yet authentic interpretation, and the only certainty is that each piece contains what Annie describes as a ‘volcano of emotions’.

Annie has been honing her technique for many years, based on exploring the possibilities of overlapping or washed paint. To give a sense of depth to the canvas she uses a variety of methods including wash drawings, printing with objects and scraping, which magnifies the depth on the canvas and suggests something secret, something left unsaid. Dripping is an important part of every piece too, as it helps her to structure the space and defines her work as strongly as a signature.

Annie has a university degree in visual arts and art history from Laval University in her home city of Quebec. She is the winner of the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec and the Zénith Prize, and her work has been shown in galleries across the USA, Canada, France, Dubai, Thailand and Italy.